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How Hollywood Loves Dunnottar Castle

What many don’t know is that Stonehaven’s beloved Dunnottar Castle hasn’t just captured our hearts, but the hearts of Hollywood too! From inspiring directors for their sets, to appearing on television itself, Dunnottar has featured in many films and shows over the past few years.

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The Ship’s Top Tips for Visiting Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool

By Fiona Andrews, general manager If you want to get your dookers on for a swim this summer…the harbour is right in front of The Ship Inn! It may be a tad on the chilly side – but it’s convenient!

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A Taste of Summer with Scallops

By Colin Milne Summer is just around the corner…and it’s my favourite time of the year. While you might think that it’s because of the longer, lighter nights or the warmer weather – or the chance to enjoy a cold pint at the end of a long shift in a hot kitchen – what I

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