What’s SUP at The Ship?

The Ship Inn is lucky enough to occupy a prime piece of real estate in Stonehaven – a little piece of heaven where we can see the historic harbour and the stunning coastline beyond.

Few people would disagree that sitting outside a sunny day with a cold drink in hand and taking in the day-to-day goings on of the harbour is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

But have you ever wondered what the view of The Ship is like from the water? Well, wonder no more thanks to Stonehaven Paddleboarding.

If you’ve visited us recently you may have seen groups of boarders out on the water enjoying a very different perspective of the landscape.

When we saw the first group of wetsuit-clad boarders pass by our windows we thought they were all a little bit mad.

But the more we learn about paddelboarding – which we’re reliably informed is the fastest growing board sport in the world – the more convinced we become that everyone should give it a go!

Stand up paddleboarding – or SUP for short – involves standing up on a surfboard while using a paddle to move through the water. We thought that it must take hours to learn how to  balance, but we’re told that most people pick it up like, well, dare we say ducks to water?

We can see just how popular it’s becoming. Barely a day now goes past where we don’t see groups out on their paddleboards navigating the harbour. As well as offering lessons to help you find your feet, Stonehaven Paddleboarding offers guided tours of the local area.

These are a unique and unforgettable way to get a different view of the coastline, with the tours taking in sights like Dunnottar Castle and the village of Catterline. If you’re lucky enough you might even get a close-up interaction with our resident colony of bottlenose dolphins.

Despite paddleboarding being great fun, we totally understand that sometimes it’s just as enjoyable to watch from the sidelines. So, whether you want to SUP or sit back and sip on our sun terrace, you are all welcome at The Ship!