The Ship’s Top Tips for Visiting Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool

By Fiona Andrews, general manager

If you want to get your dookers on for a swim this summer…the harbour is right in front of The Ship Inn! It may be a tad on the chilly side – but it’s convenient!

If you’re not ready to steel yourself for the rather cold temperatures of the North Sea, then fear not – head to Stonehaven Open Air Pool, just a stone’s throw away from the hotel and now open for the summer season.

The art deco pool first opened in 1934 and it’s still going strong with over 30,000 people visiting a year. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the town. Here’s our guide to getting the most from your visit:

  1. It comes as a surprise to most people getting in for the first time, but the pool is filled with sea water. The water is cleaned and brought up to a lovely temperature of 29 degrees before entering the pool, but it still has all the salt of the North Sea!
  2. The pool hosts a ceilidh in July for the Stonehaven Folk Festival, complete with live music. For the most part it’s a normal ceilidh, except you do the dancing in the water! If you thought dancing ceilidh music was difficult on dry land – you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s definitely worth checking out as it’s so much fun.
  3. The inflatable obstacle course is a firm favourite with visitors and it is set up in the pool most afternoons. Even though it’s mainly kids that enjoy trying out their skills, adults can have a go too. It might be a bit of a challenge to get to the end of it, but falling off is half the fun.
  4. If inflatable obstacle courses aren’t really your thing you should try out one of the midnight swim sessions. It’s essentially a disco in the pool and dancers can swim and splash around under starlight. Don’t worry there are still some lights on, so you won’t bump into anyone (hopefully).

Swimming can really tire you out, so after you’ve had a splash about, why not relax and unwind at The Ship Inn. We’ll make sure you’re fuelled up and ready to go again in no time.